Fashion/Embroidery/Scanner Camera/Cut

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I've been to New York Fashion Week a few times with press access. I mostly sit to the sides of the photo pit and see what I can do that's different.

Embroidery/back to top

I started embroidering with the intention of animating, but it took so much time I went a different direction. I started stitching images based on glitched images to better understand digital files and embroidery as linear forms of image storage.

Scanner Camera/back to top

I used a flatbed scanner and simple lens to capture movement as stills. I like how the very short depth of field looks aged, yet there are scan lines.

Cut/back to top

In high school I took two photo classes. I wanted to take advantage of having darkroom access and the developing process. I cut up photo paper before exposing the images to create something very difficult to mimic digitally. The images are old but I still really enjoy them.

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